Upcoming Meetings and Other VIP Dates:

6-Feb,  Terry Utz Art Quilt Design
6-Mar,  Danielle Morgan Multi-media
3-Apr,  Danielle Morgan
7-Apr,  Bonnie Langenfeld Landscapes (at SEFAA, registration needed)
8-Apr,  Bonnie Langenfeld Landscapes (at SEFAA, registration needed)
1-May,  Martha Myers Boro Variations
5-Jun,  Martha Myers Jude Hill inspirations
3-Jul,  Ben Hollingsworth Photo Editing
7-Aug,  Marian Cunningham Inspired by maps
4-Sep,  Martha Myers Eco-dyeing and eco-printing
2-Oct,  Ben Hollingsworth Zentangle
6-Nov,  Devon Pfeiff Men's Ties in Quilts and Art
4-Dec,  Devon Pfeiff Holiday Party, 5x7 exchange (location TBA)

NOTE: All meetings, January through November, take place at Tiny Stitches Quilt Shop in Marietta, unless otherwise noted. The address is 2518 E Piedmont Rd, Marietta GA 30062. We meet on the lower level from 7-9 PM.

Our December meeting is a holiday dinner party and our 5x7 exchange.

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