Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cheater Shibori

Thanks to Ben for the fun and informative workshop on *cheater* shibori. He calls it *cheater* because it can be accomplished in much less time than traditional shibori. The results are always interesting, often beautiful, and rarely predictable.

I call this *fun* shibori.

Here are my little treasures drying out in the laundry room. How are yours coming along?

Also here is one of my show 'n' tell pieces. I apologize for not taking pictures of other members' pieces. If you are a member and have a piece to post here, please let me know. I'll be glad to add it to the next post. Also if you are a member and would like to become an author on our blog, please contact me about that too. Martha dot Myers at Gmail dot Com.


  1. The evening was really fun! Will be unwrapping my pretty packages tonight!

  2. I am sorry I missed the meeting. Looks like I would call it "fun" shibori too! Can't wait to see what everyone has done.

  3. I really enjoyed doing the presentation Tuesday night. There was more than I could do but the time was short. I wanted to do a little pole wrapping on a smaller scale.
    Today my Bee group went to the Bulloch Hall Quilt Show. The work by Karen Tunnell has me itching to try marbling some fabric. I did a search on the internet and found a great tutorial at Dharma
    Does any of that look familiar? Most of the paint is what we used Tuesday night. All I need is some size, like carageen or methocel. Methocel is what I used with my students when we marblized paper.
    Don't be surprised if you see some marbling at our next meeting