Monday, February 23, 2015

Not Bad Art

Surface Design Sampler Platter

with Lyric Kinard

The big day finally arrived. Weather forecasts kept me biting my nails until we were finally situated with Lyric at the helm. And then...what a fun day!

One of Lyric's important tips for growing as an artist: Make bad art. Otherwise the really good stuff never emerges from within us. I did my share of bad art on this day, just like most days, but there was some seriously NOT BAD art produced during our class.

Here are a few images that just barely capture the creativity, fun and learning that took place:

We received kits with which to make small journal covers. You can see from the above pictures that several of the students were well on their way to designing and completing some gorgeous journal covers. After a few bad-art attempts, I got going on a piece that I like quite a lot. I went home and completed my little journal cover with a beaded cabochon.

If you took this class, please, please send me pictures of your journal covers to post here on the Fiber Art Fusion blog. I cannot wait to see yours!

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  1. Wow! Your journal cover looks fantastic! That is definitely NOT Bad Art