Friday, April 11, 2014

Cheater Shibori - The Results

Last month, Ben introduced us to his technique, Cheater Shibori. We had a great time and many people brought their results into the following meeting. Here are the results. Aren't they cheerful?

Tone-on-tone white fabric was used here.

More tone-on-tone

Tone-on-tone white fabrics create a distinctive front and back (see corner)

And the F-A-F letter challenge continues. See Lynn's zen tangle version below. Fabulous.

Lynn will teach us about fabric vessels like this one later on:

Diane's hand-stitch and crayon piece. Great fun.

Lynn's million piece medallion. Wow.

Diane's free-hand silk painting - Magnolias. Gorgeous.

Next up - April meeting notes - Batik with Devon

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