Thursday, May 15, 2014

Artists' Post Cards by Lynn

At left, you can see an example of a stamped back to one of Lynn's sample post cards. Below you see her demonstrating the sorts of pieces that can be used to create colorful artful post cards. Thanks, Lynn, for an inspiring presentation and workshop. It is possible to create fiber art (almost) every day!

Sample from Lynn

Sample post card from Lynn

Post card received by Lynn
Sample post card - sorry I think it's upside down. darned picture manager

Next...Show and Tell:

Self-portrait created in response to ECQG challenge - made from a lifetime of projects!

Detail of Devon's piece

Work in progress by Lynn - working with sheers

And lastly, a terrific sampling of Kathy's work at Georgia State towards of a degree in Textile Art:

A number of Kathy's pieces were inspired by her study-abroad in China. Congratulations on completion of your degree, Kathy. And, congratulations on your work to be showing at Bernau University, starting July 17 through September.

And, again, thanks to Lynn for a terrific program, arming us to go forth, and create art!