Saturday, December 5, 2015

November Challenge and December 5x7s

In November we all brought in our responses to the challenge issued by Terry:

Merriam-Webster defines a cycle as “a set of events or actions that happens again and again in the same order – a repeating series of events or actions.” The theme for 2015 is cycles. It can be any kind of cycle: time, calendar, planetary, organic, mathematical,  scientific, economic, musical, religious, social, military, literary – or even a bike, trike or unicycle!

Use your imagination to show a complete cycle. Your artwork should somehow show that it is a metaphor for our journey through life.

Here are some of the pieces produced:

The Winner: Lynn!



Stelle's - note detail of stitching below


I did not capture all the pieces. Sorry!

And here are the 5x7 pieces brought in for our annual exchange of art: