Saturday, June 18, 2016

Susan Brubaker Knapp Workshop

After planning this for over a year, the workshop finally arrived. Susan is a gifted teacher, and of course, a wonderful artist. She brought wonderful examples of her work:

She guided us through her process with enthusiasm and intelligence. It was a such a wonderful workshop.

And SEFAA provided us with the most glorious wet studio.

And the end of two days, much progress had been made.

I can't wait to see how these whole cloth painted pieces develop.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 2016 Meeting

We had a planning session and viewed an interesting video about artful ways to use orphan quilt blocks, plus there was terrific show 'n' tell. Apologies to those I missed. Sometimes I am having such fun looking at the pieces, I forget to photograph them!

Quilt by Melinda

Wool felt piece started during FAF class on this by Phyllis

Ben's piece started in the same class

Terry's woven bag, involving clever origami-style folding

Black on black piece by Ben

Black on Black piece by Ben - so interesting how the camera captured it.

Inspiring book by Joseph Albers, the guru of color theory, owned by Ben

Gorgeous piece by Debi started during our workshop involving upholstery samples, Beautifully composed.,

Work in progress by Marian. Vintage pieces captured in a quilt.

I somehow failed to take a picture of Kathy's wonderful pieces with black used as the neutral. Terrific and interesting organization and story-telling. All that an art quilt should be.

Terry's purse incorporating some the of the upholstery pieces from our workshop

Basket by Marian

Lovely art piece by Marian

Potential teacher to invite in 2017