Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 2016

After viewing Jane LaFazio's introduction to hand-stitched Milagros, we started our own. And we had much show n tell:

Martha's clothesline pieces

Phyllis knits!

Ben's award-winning quilt inspired by dance

Update from Ben:  These were made using thickened water (Thick-it) and floating acrylic paint and ink on the surface as in marbleizing. The surface was manipulated using a rake made from an old comb. 

Danielle's lovely traditional quilt

Terri's Inktense piece

Terri's other piece used another media, not Inktense.

Pamela's family puzzle, just lovely
Next month Martha will show us how to make fabric beads.

And we have decided to open up Susan Brubaker Knapp's class to non-members, after all the members have had a chance to register. Cost will be $75 for members; $150 for non-members.

Paint and Stitch with Susan Brubaker Knapp