2020: Round Robin

Cast your fate to the winds! Bring a starting piece to the January meeting. It should be 12-17 inches in any direction. Start with a piece that is pieced, appliqued, painted, or in any other way the beginning of a quilt.

Contact Danielle for details.

2016: A Book Cover

Be inspired by a favorite book. Create a fiber piece that when photographed, may be used as its cover. 

Size: each side at least 12 inches; and no more than 24 inches
Label: Include the book title on the label attached to the BACK of the piece (no title on front). We will try to guess your chosen book at the November 2016 meeting

Due: Nov 1, 2016

Questions? See Devon.

2015: Cycles

Size:  no less than 18” in any direction, no more than 30” in any direction.

Due: Nov 3, 2015 at Tiny Stitches, 7 PM

Merriam-Webster defines a cycle as “a set of events or actions that happens again and again in the same order – a repeating series of events or actions.” The theme for 2015 is cycles. It can be any kind of cycle: time, calendar, planetary, organic, mathematical,  scientific, economic, musical, religious, social, military, literary – or even a bike, trike or unicycle!

Use your imagination to show a complete cycle. Your artwork should somehow show that it is a metaphor for our journey through life.

Questions? See Terry.

2014: There's No Place Like Home

Create a fiber piece that describes where you are from. It may be as simple as your home, your homeland or native country, your sanctuary, where you find comfort or love or even something signifying your view of the afterlife.

You must use something from this place in your work. It could be some object from the place or from the d├ęcor, some symbol, icon or motif from the place or even an architectural detail or landmark.

The piece must be no smaller than 18” x 24”.

Questions: See Ben.

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